6. Interact with contract

A step-by-step guide showing you how to execute the functions of your smart contract

Requirement: You will have deployed your smart contract to the Porta blockchain


Go to PolkadotJS Apps


Navigate to Developer > Contracts

The contract you deployed previously will be listed

We use the flipper contract as an example of function execution

In the contracts section you will see:

  • The flip function with an associated execution button

  • The get function with an associated value

Any time the flip function is called, the get function is automatically updated.

You will notice the value of get is currently false.

To execute flip, click exec:

Confirm the transaction

You will notice the value of the getter changes from false to true.

The block the function call executed on is also shown. You can click through to this and see the details of the block.

You can now move onto step 7: Setup a validator node.