Request judgement
A step-by-step guide showing how to request verification of your personal information

What is a judgement?

A verification of the personal information you provided on-chain by a registrar.

What registrar should I choose to make a judgement?

You can find a list of registrars to choose from by doing the following steps:


Access Porta-UI
Navigate to Developer > Chain State
On the storage page choose:
    Query: identity
    Function: registered
You will see a list of all the registrars listed.

‌ Request Judgement

Navigate to Developer > Extrinsics
    Extrinsic: identity
    Function: requestJudgement
    Reg_index: the index number of the registrar you would like to choose
    Max_fee: the maximum fee you are willing to pay for the service
Your personal information will soon be verified.
Last modified 2mo ago
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