Create a proposal
A step-by-step guide showing how to create a technical committee proposal

What is the technical committee?

The Technical Committee was introduced as a chamber of governance to operate alongside the council. The Technical Committee is composed of engineers who are added or removed via a simple majority vote of the Council.
The Technical Committee can, along with the Council, produce emergency referenda, which are fast-tracked for voting and implementation. These are used for emergency bug fixes or rapid implementation of new but well-tested features into the runtime.
Fast-tracked referenda are the only type of referenda that can be active alongside another active referendum. Thus, with fast-tracked referenda it is possible to have two active referendums at the same time. Voting on one does not prevent a user from voting on the other.
Requirement: Technical Committee proposals can only be generated by members of the technical committee.


Access Porta-UI
Porta Explorer
Navigate to Governance > Technical Committee > Proposals
Click: Submit Proposal
Any function call can be proposed. In our example we propose a setBalance call to GENERIC-USER for 100 tokens.
The proposal appears in the proposal lists and is immediately ready to be voted on.
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